ILEC Signs On To Letter Calling On Congress To Provide Economic Relief For Rural America

Tue 5-12-2020

(Estherville)-- Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative has signed off on a letter calling on Congress to provide economic relief for rural America. Rick Oleson, the cooperative's President and CEO, says farmers already were teetering on the edge previously due to a variety of factors and there's concern the pandemic may be enough to force some completely over it...Ilec Letter01 

"We're trying to advocate if there is another round of economic stimulus that's going to be discussed in Congress, we want our ag producers, our biofuels industry, our ethanol producers to be at the top of that priority list. And we really want our congressional delegation to be aware of the crisis that exists out here in rural America and to see if there's both short term and long term solutions that we can find to stabilize the economy in rural America."

Oleson adds they are actively reaching out to Iowa's congressional delegation as well as the Governor...ILEC Letter02 

"One of the things we're trying to convey to them is that we're to the point where we have pork producers that are euthanizing their herds. That's the drastic set of circumstances that we find ourselves in and so you're absolutely right, Steve, we need attention to this situation right now and then we need a long term strategy to find a path out of this economic crisis."

Oleson says they're telling lawmakers time is of the essence.