ILCC Student Working To Increase Awareness Of World Hunger

Thu 5-4-2017

(Estherville)-- A student at Iowa Lakes Community College is raising awareness about world hunger. Nick Grandstaff of Emmetsburg has traveled to one part of the world that's especially being hard hit: a remote part of India...Grandstaff01 

"I received an internship last summer through the World Food Prize as part of their Borlaug Memorial International Internship. From there I was one of 25 interns from the United States to travel abroad to just about every continent except for I think Europe and Antarctica. I ended up going to southern India for eight weeks over the summer and I studied food insecurity."

Grandstaff says the experience was a huge eye opener...Grandstaff02 

"The big takeaway for me was how food insecurity is something that isn't just starving. It's not just something where you go home every day and there's no food left in the pot. That's chronic, what I just described, but also there's transistery where you get hit by a bad season of weather and you don't have enough food for maybe just a couple months out of the year. But what was really affecting the people there was nutritional food insecurity. That's where they had the resources to get the food that they needed, but they weren't quite connecting the dots on nutrition, and because of that they had a lot of problems with stunted growth in their families and in the communities. A lot of the people I saw, and you could tell that they were definitely shorter, they were under weight from the mean, and it was just difficult to see that. But India is such a quickly developing country eventually that knowledge will spread from more urban areas to this really isolated pocket of the world. Hopefully things can move forward, and that's kind of what my research focused on."

Grandstaff plans to transfer this fall to the University of Iowa School of Business for Economics. He plans to pursue a career in research economics. Grandstaff says he wants to have a job that will have a positive impact on as many people as possible...Grandstaff03 

"That's something that I value a lot, is helping other people. And I think economics gives me a great opportunity to do that while also challenging myself throughout my entire life. I think this is something I can do for a long time. I have no plans for retirement any time in my life."

Grandstaff is one of four Iowa Lakes students who is a member of the All-Iowa Academic Team.