ILCC Planning To Start Classes August 25th With Special Precautions In Place For COVID-19

Wed 6-17-2020

(Estherville)-- Iowa Lakes Community College is gearing up for it's upcoming academic year. ILCC President Val Newhouse says classes are scheduled to start August 25th...Val Newhouse01 

"And so yes we'll follow the same calendar, we'll start the weekend before we will have move in, a staggered move in to our housing. We won't do it all at once like we've done it in the past, but rather we'll have groups come in at separate times, so we're looking forward to the start of classes."

Newhouse says there will also be health screenings as part of the move-in process...Val Newhouse02 

"Some of our fall athletes move in at the beginning of August, so we will get a good opportunity to test out the plan that we have in place. We will have a questionnaire, we will have some training and we'll do some simplified healthscreenings. Hopefully we will have the ability to do some testing at that point but that's all up to the CDC and Public Health. Otherwise we certainly will do the temperature taking and we will have less occupancy in our housing at each of the three campuses that have housing."

Newhouse says there will also be some changes in how classes are offered. She says most career and tech ed programs will be taught face-to-face in classrooms with social distancing and masks being required of both instructors and students when in classrooms and hallways. She says most transfer degree and arts and science classes will be available through two different types of online offerings known as “Laker Live” and “Laker Now”...Val Newhouse03 

"Laker Live means their synchronous, they're going to be held at the same time as the students are all scheduled for this class on this day at this time. That would be our Laker Live classes. Laker Now would be the classes that are held in the same manner, only they're recorded and so students can access the discussion and the information from their instructor when they're able to do it and this will be up to the instructors how they feel they can deliver that course material the very best."

Newhouse adds the situation surrounding COVID-19 remains very fluid. She says any updates or revisions will be posted on their website.