IGL Rotary Car Goes Through The Ice

Thu 3-12-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- Here's a sign that spring is just days away. The Iowa Great Lakes Rotary car has gone through the ice on Smith's Bay. Club spokesman Leo Kofoot...Leo Kofoot01 

"It went through the ice either last night or very early this morning, and we don't know yet when we're going to pull it out. I've been in contact with Bob's Tow and Repair and we'll set it up from there."

Kofoot says the date was earlier this year than it was a year ago...Leo Kofoot02 

"Last year the car went through in mid April and this year and the year previous to that it was in March and the previous year before that it was in February, so we're probably about average right now."

Kofoot says the first thing they'll do once the car is brought up is retrieve the clock to determine the winner...Leo Kofoot03 

"We have a clock installed in the car that is set to stop when the clock and the little aspirin tablet that we have in there dissolves, and so when we pull the car out we'll check the clock and see when it stopped and that would be the time the car went through the ice."

Kofoot says they were thrilled with the response the Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Club received again with this year's contest. He says all but 10 of the 720 tickets that were available were sold. The winner will get $1,000. Kofoot thanks everyone who purchased a ticket. Proceeds go to support various projects the club puts on.

UPDATE: The car will be retrieved around 5:30 pm Friday.

(Photo: All that can be seen now where the car used to be on the ice is a small area of open water.)