Hy-Vee Putting A Limit On Meat Purchases

Tue 5-5-2020

(West Des Moines)-- Hy-Vee announced today (Tues.) it will be putting a limit on meat purchases in its stores.

The grocery chain says effective Wednesday, May 6th, each customer will be limited to four packages of a combination of fresh beef, ground beef, pork and chicken when they checkout at all Hy-Vee locations. 

In a statement, Hy-Vee says they are continuing to work with industry leaders so they can be prepared for any fluctuations in supply and can best serve their customers.

They add that a combination of worker shortages at processing plants and an increase in meat sales may result in customers not being able to find specific items they're looking for. They say that's the reason why they're having to implement the limits on customer purchases of meat products.