High Profile Snowmobile Racing Event Coming To The Iowa Great Lakes

Fri 1-8-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- A high profile snowmobile racing event is coming to the Iowa Great Lakes. Jantina Carney of the Dickinson County Snowhawks says the Okoboji 100 will be held January 23rd and 24th on East Lake Okoboji. She describes it as the “Nascar of snowmobiling”...Jantina Carney01 

"So you'll see factory reps here from Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Skidoo. You know they all have racers that obviously they sponsor and so we've been working really hard to bring an event to the lakes area as part of our club, the Dickinson County Snow Hawks. Our mission is to grow our area these three months out of the year where we can take advantage of the snow and the good ice conditions. We're very fortunate that we were approached by Todd from Cor Power Sports to bring this racing series to the Iowa Great Lakes."

Carney says the event will draw racers from all across the U.S...Jantina Carney02 

"As we'll be seeing racers from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Canada. I don't know if the border is open or not but I know they have a lot of them that normally do come down in Minnesota. So you know covid has not been a great thing but I guess we're fortunate because that's one reason now this circuit is being brought to the Iowa Great Lakes."

She adds the racers will be vying for some pretty good cash that will be on the line...Jantina Carney03 

"Parks Marina has given $10,000 to the semi and the pro classes and as a club we've done a lot of fundraising for this event. We will be giving $5,000 to the other classes. So there'll be payouts in from amateurs, juniors, womens, all the way up to the professionals. So a $15,000 purse is kind of a big deal."

The races will be headquartered at Parks Marina, which is where the pits will be located along with the start and finish line.

More information can be found at corpowersports-dot-com or by contacting Carney at 712-320-5187.

To view a map of the race course, click here.