Head Of Spirit Lake Chamber To Serve In Dual Capacity With Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber Of Commerce

Wed 7-26-2017

(Arnolds Park)-- The man who heads the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce is also now in charge of operations at the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. It was announced today (Wed.) Blaine Andera has been hired as Chief Executive Officer of that organization as well. Andera tells KUOO news he's very excited about serving both organizations in that position...Andera01 

"I'm really looking forward to the new challenges and the opportunities. It's an exciting time for both organizations and myself."

Andera, who's also the Mayor of Spirit Lake, has been in the head position of the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce the past 16 years...a position he'll continue to hold...Andera02 

"You know the Spirit Lake Chamber has been very successful the past 16 years, things have really continued to improve. Our membership numbers have improved, income and expenses area all in line, and working with the board of directors is something I enjoy, so I'm going to be able to bring that to the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber. With my Chamber experience also I have connections with northwest Iowa, the other chambers here. I serve currently as the Vice Chair of the Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives Board of Directors for the Association of Chamber of Commerce in Iowa; past Chair of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organization Management which is the continuing education program for chambers of commerce and associations with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, served on the national board of trustees for that as well as the curriculum committee, so I've got a lot of experience with running a non-profit and relationships with working with people is one of my fortes, Steve, so..."

Andera says he'll be splitting up his time between the two offices, and that both organizations will be contributing toward his compensation...Andera03 

"One of the first priorities we're going to do is we're going to be looking to hire staff at the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce, so we're finalizing the job description for that. It's going to be probably a part-time person, you know, 30 hours a week or something like that, because I will still be in the office in Spirit Lake as well as down in the park at the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, so we're going to have a membership person and events person at Spirit Lake, similar to what the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber does, and you know, as soon as we get those positions filled we'll see how it goes."

The Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce has over 400 members while the Spirit Lake Chamber has more than 180.