Head Of Iowa Utility Commission Says They Continue To Closely Monitor Power & Natural Gas Supplies

Wed 2-17-2021

(Johnston)-- Utility officials in Iowa say while some of the demand for electricity and natural gas has eased somewhat, that they remain deeply concerned as conditions in other parts of the country, especially the southern U.S., remain extremely challenging. Geri Huser, Chair of the Iowa Utility Board, says massive power shortages continue in that part of the nation and Iowa's utilities, member and investor owned as well as municipals, have been asked to step up. She says many municipals continue to run their own generating plants to help the grid...Geri Huser01 

"They have asked their employees to work 24/7 while doing everything possible to keep lights on and homes warm and safe. We are asking Iowans to continue to support those workers and also look to conserve energy in your homes and businesses."

Locally, the cities of Estherville, Milford and Spencer have been running their generators in recent days.

Huser says the state's investor owned utilities have assurred them they have plenty of supply. However customers bills are likely to go up substantially due to the huge demand.