Head Of Dickinson County Public Health Stepping Down To Accept Position With CDC

Wed 6-24-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The head of Dickinson County Public Health has announced he's accepted a position with the Center For Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. Brandon Rohrig has served as Director of Population and Public Health at Dickinson County Public Health a little more than three years. Rohrig tells KUOO news his last day on the job here will be July 17th...Rohrig Stepping Down01 

"Well actually I'll be working with the CDC and working with a small team to basically administer the preparedness grant and the new Covid response grant for all of the states and American territories. For the start it will be completely remotely but eventually that will be down at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta."

Rohrig says he's thrilled to have an opportunity to help out on a national level during the pandemic...Rohrig Stepping Down02 

"I guess I've always had a desire to make a big impact and with Covid happening the CDC was actually granted direct-hire status which basically means they can move faster to hire someone, and I thought to myself what better way to make an impact around America and the world than working with the CDC especially with preparedness and Covid funds as well."

Rohrig begins his new position July 18th. Meanwhile in his current role locally, Rohrig again is urging everyone to do their part in curbing the spread of COVID-19 in Dickinson county...Rohrig Stepping Down03 

"I would say that's the number on thing we can do here is to follow those guidelines. Hopefully you're not hanging out in large groups and primarily spending time around your family rather than mingling with a bunch of other people. And if you're in those public spaces where you're not able to social distance to wear a mask. Yes it doesn't protect you per say that much, however it protects those around you. It keeps your droplets to yourself which can drastically reduce the spread."

As of early this (Wed.) morning, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Dickinson county was at 212 with 87 recoveries; Clay county was at 109 with 54 recoveries; Emmet was at 63 with 30 recoveries; Palo Alto county was at 23 total cases with 16 recoveries; Osceola county was at 49 cases with 45 recoveries and O'Brien county reported 74 total cases so far with 39 recoveries.