Harvest Gets Underway; Initial Soybean Yields Look Better Than First Thought

Wed 10-9-2019

(Spencer)-- The recent warmer, drier weather has allowed farmers to start combining soybeans. Paul Kassel, a crops specialist with the Iowa State University Extension Service in Clay county tells KUOO news so far, yields have been coming in somewhat better than first thought...Harvest Begins01 

"60 bushel an acre is kind of a common theme, high 50's to low 60's. People are generally pleased because we planted them many times in the first week of June or so. We had a pretty good summer in a lot of ways. We maybe could have used a little rain there in late August, but by and large a pretty good summer and of course we had a warm September to finish them off, so that helped, too. So but by and large people are pleased with the soybean yields we've seen so far."

Kassel says the cold, wet weather that's in the forecast over the next several days should have little or no affect on the soybeans as that crop is completely mature. He says it's different though for late-planted corn...Harvest Begins02 

"I think in terms of crop maturity the soybean crop, you know, by and large is mature and won't be affected. There's a few replants here and there that might be but the big question is kind of with the corn because there was a fair amount of corn planted in the first week of June and we've been worried about an early frost ever since we planted it, but it appears that the fields I've looked at any way are almost at maturity. They might miss it by a few days but by and large they escaped an early frost, kind of the question now will be them is the field dry down and the yield and what kind of yields we'll see with that late June and early June planting date. Sometimes it's worked out pretty well and other years it doesn't. Currently it looks good but we're still waiting to see how it yields." 

Kassel says hopefully any accumulating snowfall will stay away from us so that once the weather clears, the harvest can resume again in a timely fashion.