Growing Scope And Cost Estimate Of Stoplight Pole Replacement Project Has City Of Okoboji Looking At Possible Options

Wed 9-15-2021

(Okoboji)-- The scope of a project to replace rusted stoplight poles and arms in Okoboji is growing. City Administrator Michael Meyers told the city council Tuesday that based on recommendations he's received, the foundations for the standards should also be upgraded...Meyers & Stoplight Project 

"In conversation with the D.O.T and their consultant that has since transformed to also re-do the foundations that are underneath the signal poles, which we kind of challenged a little bit and said why do we need to that? They're in fine shape. Well, long story short, SUDA Standards have changed over the last 20 years and everyone I've spoken with says if you're going to be putting up new poles you need to make sure your foundation matches in an effort to basically reduce the liability in case something were to go wrong."

Meyers added that with the extra work, the cost estimate for the project to replace the stoplights at four intersections in the city will grow to $1.2 million, of which the city would be responsible.

Meyers told the council he'll bring the matter to the city's Finance Committee for a recommendation that will come before the council in coming weeks.

The city had been planning to do the work in conjunction with the upcoming Highway 71 project and to have the D.O.T include it in its bid package for that. Meyers says that also has him concerned. He says having the D.O.T in charge of that would tie the city's hands should bids come in higher than the estimate.