Grow Spencer Commission Holds Public Informational Event

Tue 11-6-2018

(Spencer)-- Members of the Spencer community gathered at City Hall Monday evening for an informational forum hosted by the Grow Spencer Commission and David Toyer or Toyer Strategic Consulting.  Toyer shared the resutls of the commissions's economic development survey that was completed by people that both live and/or work in Spencer.  
Toyer spoke about the Spencer community's strengths and weaknesses and also shared with the group the top eight economic development focuses that survey respondents pointed out:  to attract new industrial and retail businesses, to encourage the expansion of existing business, restaurants, amenities, bringing in more workers, increasing the population and expanded recreation.  
Toyer explained that tackling multiple focuses at the same time will be required...Toyer 
"That's the one complicated factor in economic development is that it runs on a lot of different levels and there's a lot of interconnectiveness between them. So you've got to be working on a number of different fronts in a coordinated fashion to really be able to address the factors that go into creating the growth opportunities."
During the forum, Toyer shared a timeline that included how far away the commission is from presenting their recommendations the the Spencer City Council, which Toyer expected to occur prior to the end of 2018.