Grand Avenue Community Outreach Meeting Set For December 3rd

Fri 11-29-2019 Spencer,Ia

(Spencer)-- Grand Avenue Community Outreach is having a meeting about the past present and future on December 3rd at the Faith Lutheran Church. Executive Director Kevin Brown has more.

Grand Avenue Brown 

“Well we've been in existence now for a couple years and never really had a chance to tell our story because we've had our heads down working on all the different projects that have been going on around here so now that we've got a little break in the action, we've somewhat got plans for almost all of the building at this point it's time to talk a little bit about what we've been doing these last couple of years. So we're going to be at Faith Lutheran Church in Spencer which is 2912 Highland Boulevard East in Spencer. For those that have been around for a while it used to be the Shoppers Supply store and it's now Faith Lutheran Church, and that going to be at December 3rd at seven o'clock, but we'll have the doors open early for some refreshments and fellowship there. We've been partnered with the ministry in Storm Lake called The Bridge and they have a product called Endless Sea Coffee and that's what we serve in our cafe here in Spencer at our place and so we're going to have some of that coffee on that night for people to come in and sample and just have a cup of coffee!"

Community input is very important to the growth of Grand Avenue Community Outreach, check them out online or call (712) 580-4732.