Governor Kim Reynolds Gives Update On COVID-19 Situation In Iowa

Thu 3-19-2020

(Des Moines)-- Governor Kim Reynolds announced Thursday afternoon the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Iowa has increased to 44.

At a press conference, the Governor addressed some additional resources being made available to workers and employers that are being hit hard by the virus...Reynolds Update01 

"Unemployment benefits are available for people whose jobs are impacted by COVID-19. And for the employers we are waiving unemployment charges so that their taxes are not affected. We're extending filing deadlines for several state tax types, including individual income taxes to July 31st, and working with our federal partners on additional small business relief."

The Governor also addressed concerns over potential shortages in personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals and first responders, saying the state is trying to be as proactive as possible...Reynolds Update02 

"Whether we look at elective surgeries, what else can we do to really provide a strategy to make sure that we have the PPE equipment that our healthcare providers need, and so that's part of a conversation that we have every single day with all of our partners, not only throughout the state we're continuing to conduct numbers and resources so we have a good sense of what that looks like and just other areas where we can back fill with some of the PPE equipment as well. In addition to that we're working with our federal partners and from a regional perspective as well. So I mean it is all hands on deck right now and we're looking at every possible aspect and taking measures again to spread this out, to not see a surge so that we don't have healthcare system that is put at risk. And all of the things that we're doing allows us to do that and the more that we can spread that out, it allows us to identify the private sector industry that can step up and also play a role in helping us provide this equipment."

Governor Reynolds also denied reports she's considering a total lockdown of the state...Reynolds Update04 

"No it is not on the table, and there are a lot of rumors that are flying around the country. And so no, that is not on the table as something that we are considering. We have asked people to follow simple directives and hopefully they can do that. We're counting on every Iowan to do there part and my faith is with them."

The Governor again urges everyone to take the necessary precautions and most importantly she says you need to stay home if you're sick.