Governor Kim Reynolds Announces She Has Gone Into A "Modified Quarantine" After Having Indirect Contact At White House With Someone Who Tested Positive For COVID-19

Mon 5-11-2020

(Johnston)-- During her press conference this (Monday) morning, Governor Kim Reynolds announced she is going into a “modified quarantine” after having indirect contact last week during her trip to the White House with someone who tested positive for COVID-19...Reynolds May 11 

"This weekend I was notified that the individual was present during my visit to the White House although I had no direct contact with her. However, out of an abundance of caution, I will follow a modified quarantine plan similar to what Dr. Fauci and other White House administration members have announced that they're doing. As is part of our normal daily routine here at SEOC, my temperature will be taken before entering the building; I'll be tested daily, I was tested this morning and it was negative; and while here, I'll practice social distancing and wear a mask when interacting with others which will be minimal interaction. If I begin experiencing any symptoms of course I will stay home. I spoke with my team over the weekend and most will be working from home during this time, especially if they or a family member have health conditions that puts them at a higher risk."

The Governor also reported this (Mon.) morning some samples for the Test Iowa program were damaged in shipping and those who submitted the samples will need to be re-tested.