Governor Announces Another Boost In Vaccine Allotment Coming To Iowa

Wed 2-17-2021

(Johnston)-- There's more good news when it comes to vaccination efforts in the state of Iowa. Governor Kim Reynolds announced this (Wed.) morning additional vaccine supplies are on the way...Reynolds021701 

"On the weekly COVID-19 response call with the White House we learned that an additional 2.5 million doses of vaccine will be available on top of the 11 million that's currently being allocated nationally. So that's a new total of 13.5 million doses that will now be distributed weekly among all states. In Iowa that means our allocation of 49,900 this week will be almost 62,000 doses next week which is an increase of 24 percent. Additionally the weekly allocation for the national pharmacy program will double. They will be receiving a million and that will go up to two million doses. And this increase will help Iowa's participating Hy-Vee and the CPESN pharmacies even further expand vaccine access to communities across the state and especially including rural Iowa. It's a great program and it's exciting that their increasing their doses."

The Governor also talked about her decision to scrap plans for a centralized statewide online system to register and schedule vaccination appointments...Reynolds021702 

"It quickly became apparent that integrating the many already existing registration and scheduling platforms that are used by some of our public health departments, pharmacies, as well as other vaccine providers, it would not be possible in a timely manner without significant disruption to their current systems and we did not want to slow down the process, or excuse me, the progress that we're making. So we're now shifting our focus from building a different system to optimizing the overall registration and scheduling process for Iowans. And this will be done in close partnership with, again, our local public healths and our vaccine providers."

One option she said they're exploring is the possibility of implementing it into the state's 211 system.