Gov. Kim Reynolds Speaks At Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute

Wed 8-8-2018

(Wahpeton)-- Governor Kim Reynolds this (Wed.) morning addressed a number of college students aspiring to become entrepreneurs. The students have been attending a week long session of the Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute which is put on each year by the various regent institutions and the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation...Reynolds03 

"This is a great opportunity to bring our young people together and to talk about the opportunities that exist in this state. You know you've got a lot of successful business people up here and they want to give back so they're helping to mentor these young people and to let them know that really you can take an idea, start a company and turn it into a successful business. And most importantly you can do that anywhere in the state of Iowa. So this was an opportunity for me to talk about some of the programs that we have in place, a continuum of funding to help them in every piece of their venture through taking that idea into a successful company and just most importantly to talk about the great things that are happening in the state of Iowa and why this is a great place to live, work, raise a family and start a business."

KUOO news also asked the Governor about a request Dickinson county officials have made regarding a meeting with the head of the DNR and other officials regarding oil contaminated material from a derailment in June of a BNSF train near Dune being deposited in the Dickinson County Landfill east of Arnolds Park...Reynolds04 

"We are arranging a meeting to have them come up and sit down and I don't know with the board of supervisors and the public, I assume it's going to be a public meeting, but they're still working through some of the details and so we'll be setting that meeting up. But a date hasn't been set yet, though? I think they just requested it yesterday so they were working with BNSF and talking with them and then we got a request yesterday to see if we would help facilitate a meeting. We said absolutely, and so we will be putting that together. And sooner rather than later. So as soon as we get it set up the Department of Natural Resources, Bruce Trautman, knew that potentially we would have them come up and facilitate this, so we just need to get the date set."

The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors Tuesday identified a number of questions regarding what took place and the procedures and methods used to test the items, as well as monitoring the areas surrounding the landfill.

Governor Reynolds was in Spencer today (Wed.) for a ribbon cutting and unveiling of a new website for the Glacial Lakes and Prairie Escapes project which highlights a number of attractions within a five-county area of northwest Iowa.