Gov. Kim Reynolds Establishes Economic Recovery Advisory Board; Confirms Test Iowa Coming To Dickinson County

Thu 6-18-2020

(Des Moines)-- Governor Kim Reynolds announced today (Thurs.) she is issuing an executive order creating what will be known as the Governor's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. The Governor made the announcement at a press conference saying the board will play a critical role as the state continues to rebound its economy from the affects of COVID-19...Reynolds061801 

The Governor announced the appointment of Ben McClain, CEO of Ruan Transportation, to head the board. McClain says they'll be actively seeking input from individuals, businesses, organizations and others from throughout the state...Reynolds061802 

Governor Reynolds also today (Thurs.) confirmed a Test Iowa location will be coming to Dickinson county next week and that it will be located at the Dickinson County Fairgrounds in Spirit Lake. It will be one of three new Test Iowa sites that will be set up next week in various parts of the state.

Today's was the final live televised press conference the Governor will be holding regarding the pandemic. She became emotional in expressing her thanks to Iowans for their support...Reynolds061803 

The Governor said she will be reverting back to her usual once-a-week press conferences like she had been holding prior to the start of the pandemic.