Google Announces $1 Million Impact Challenge To Create Economic Opportunity Across Iowa

Mon 4-15-2019

(Des Moines)-- Tech giant Google today (Monday) launched a statewide campaign aimed at helping nonprofits across Iowa boost economic opportunities in their local communities. The program has been dubbed “Grow With Google”.

Qualifying Iowa nonprofits are invited to submit proposals that will be considered by a panel of judges. Google will then review the applications and choose five winners who will receive $175,000 in grant funding and training. After the five winners have been announced Iowans will be invited to vote on which project they believe will have the greatest economic impact. The winner of that voting will receive an additional $125,000 in funding. More information can be found at The deadline for submitting applications is May 17th at 12 noon central time.

Google has a data center in Iowa and has invested more than $2.5 billion in the state.