Geologist Ryan Clark to speak at Lakeside Science Seminar on Northeast Iowa Intrusive Complex August 13

Tue 8-13-2019 1838 Highway 86 Milford, IA

(Okoboji)-Tuesday's Friends of Lakeside Lab's Science Seminar will feature a talk by Ryan Clark, who is a Geologist with the Iowa Geological Survey at the University of Iowa.  He'll be discussing the Northeast Iowa Intrusive Complex:

Ryan Clark on NE Iowa Intrusive Complex 

"What an intrusion is, geologically speaking, is rock that was molten and worked its way upwards through the crust and then either erupted into, like a volcano, or it stayed put and cooled and solidified in place.  So, that's the intrusion part, and it turns out that up in Northeast Iowa there are a series of these intrusions we believe that were in place over a billion years ago.  There's the chance that those might actually have some economic benefit in terms of minerals, like platinum group elements.  So, platinum, gold and palladium, some other elements would go into things like technology like cell phones and stuff like that, renewable energy."

Ryan Clark will speak Tuesday evening at Mahan Hall on The Iowa Lakeside Laboratory Campus at 7 o'clock.  The talk is free and open to the public.

Hear the full interview:

Ryan Clark to speak at Lakeside Lab full interview