Fundraising Underway To Purchase New Jaws Of Life Equipment For Lakes Area Extrication Unit

Tue 5-9-2017

(Milford)-- Fundraising is underway to purchase new jaws of life equipment for the Lakes Area Extrication Unit. Emil Richter and his wife Sue are spearheading the effort. He outlined their plans at last (Mon.) evening's Milford City Council meeting. Richter says stronger materials are being used in newer vehicles, making the existing jaws of life equipment ineffective...Jaws Fundraising01 

"So we've heard about this boron a couple of years ago and basically it's going to be this way. Departments that don't upgrade like we're going to go, they're going to scratch this boron, they won't cut it. And when you can't cut the hinges like on a car door, or the posts in different parts of that car, in other words that person is flat out in trouble."

Sue Richter told the council they're planning a three-pronged approach to raising the $170,000 needed to purchase the new equipment...Jaws Fundraising02 

"We plan to do a public mailing first, and that will be out in June, and we'll see how the results of that come back. Based on results from that we will then move to the private sector and ask for donations at that point, which our community has always responded very well to our requests, and we feel they again will rise to the occasion. We also will request grants that are appropriate for this type of a fundraiser."

Sue Richter says the fundraising has received a jump start in the form of a $5,000 donation from the Joan Williams Estate.