Friends of Lakeside Lab Science Seminar to feature Dr. Paul Bartelt on June 11

Mon 6-10-2019

(Okoboji)-The Friends of Lakeside Lab's Science Seminar will focus on amphibians in restored wetlands this week.  KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

 Friends of Lakeside Science Seminar to feature Dr. Paul Bartelt on June 11 

The Friends of Lakeside Lab Science Seminar on Tuesday evening will feature Dr. Paul Bartelt from Waldorf University.  He is an active researcher in amphibian ecology and conservation.

Bartelt says his research focuses on the behavior of amphibians in restored wetlands.  "I'm looking at how amphibians respond to these restored wetlands.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen when you drain a wetland, amphibians will disappear, they have no place to breed.  But, when you have this ocean, so to speak, of corn and soybean fields, and now suddenly these little islands of wetlands start popping up, my research tries to answer questions of how soon do amphibians find these new, restored wetlands and do they colonize them.  What paths do they follow to get there, because agricultural lands are not all that friendly to amphibians.  I'm looking at their response to these restored wetlands."

Dr. Bartelt's talk will begin at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening at Mahan Hall on the Lakeside Lab Campus.  It is free and open to the public.

Listen to the full interview here:

Interview with Paul Bartelt on Lakeside talk 

NOTE:  Iowa Lakeside Laboratory's summer programs are starting, with Wild Wednesdays kicking off June 12, and the self-guided Treasure Hike now underway.

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