Fred Hubbell Brings Gubernatorial Campaign To NW Iowa

Fri 1-12-2018

            (Arnolds Park)-- A Democrat running for Iowa Governor made a stop today (Fri.) in the Iowa Great Lakes. Fred Hubbell, a former business executive, addressed a gathering at Fillenwarth Beach Resort. He says his campaign is centered around the need to invest in people...Hubbell01 

            "The main focus is putting people first, so we can invest in education, we can invest in job training, we can invest in improving healthcare in our state. Access to healthcare means we need to get rid of the privatization of Medicaid. We need to improve mental health, we need to restore funding to Planned Parenthood so we can get people the opportunities they need to be successful and incomes up all across Iowa."

Hubbell also commented on the state's finances and what should be done to turn them around...Hubbell02 

"First thing we need to do is pay off the debt that we've borrowed, $144 million. We shouldn't even be thinking about lowering taxes until we pay off the debt. A fiscally responsible person doesn't borrow money to make tax reductions. That's very risky. We need to pay off the debt first. The money is there in the budget. We just need to dedicate ourselves to paying that off before we start reducing revenues. Then what we need to do is look at all of these revenues to make sure we are spending our tax expenditures in the right places. I mentioned earlier there are a lot of wasteful corporate giveaways that have been documented as such. Money needs to be taken away from them and put behind things like paying off the debt, put behind education and job training and healthcare. We have a $7 billion budget. There's enough money there. We're just not spending it wisely."

Hubbell also called for changes to the Master Matrix system that's used in the placement of large confined animal feeding operations, saying more local control is needed. He also commented on the Outdoor Recreational Trust Fund, saying it needs to be funded.

In addition to the Iowa Great Lakes, Hubbell also made stops today (Fri.) in Sheldon, Spencer, Estherville and Emmetsburg.