Former Kossuth County Resident Rescued From Alaskan Glacier

Fri 4-15-2016 []

(Anchorage, Ak.)-- A former Kossuth county man stranded on an Alaskan glacier for four days was rescued on Tuesday.

Chris Hanna, formerly of Lone Rock, and another skier, Jennifer Neyman, were rescued by helicopter from Bear Glacier.

They'd been at the glacier, hunkered in a snow cave, after being stranded by bad weather on Friday. The glacier is about 70 miles from Anchorage.

Hanna moved from Kossuth county to Soldotna, Alaska about seven years ago.

Four Alaska Air National Guard members trudged through miles of difficult terrain in order to reach the pair by foot while another team waited for a break in the weather to try an air rescue.

Although rescuers couldn't land for days, a supply plane dropped sleeping bags, food, fuel and a radio, all in a lighted package.

Shortly after noon Tuesday the air crew got the break in snowy, windy weather it needed to land the helicopter on Bear Glacier and rescue the pair.

(From the Associated Press.)