Foreigner to rock opening day of Clay County Fair September 7

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Iconic Rock Band Foreigner will kick off the entertainment at the Clay County Fair this weekend, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Foreigner to rock opening day of Clay County Fair September 7 

The Clay County Fair will present iconic rock band Foreigner on the opening day of the Fair.

Keyboardist Michael Bluestein says the band has reconnected with original members for some special performances lately.  "The whole idea was, when we approached 40 years since the inception of Foreigner in 77, the idea was to sort of do a commemorative thing, a special 40th Anniversary thing, and to bring these original guys back.  We thought it would be a great thing for the fans, and they're such great guys.  For me, it's been a blast to work with the original keyboard player, Al Greenwood, who created a lot of the parts that I'm still playing to this day."

He notes that the band will be performing with the Nashville Symphony in the near future.  "Basically, all this orchestral stuff had to be worked up, string parts and brass and percussion and everything, and we worked with a couple of New York guys with a lot of experience in that world and they worked up some really great arrangements along with Mick Jones which, you know, kind of preserved the rock and roll element but also brings that classical flair as well."

Foreigner will take the stage at the Grandstand Saturday night at 7:30.

Hear the full interview with Foreigner Keyboardist Michael Bluestein:

Interview with Michael Bluestein of Foreigner 

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