Foosball Shenanigans to be held in Iowa Great Lakes March 20-22

Thu 3-12-2020 1405 Highway 71,Okoboji,IA

(Okoboji)-Foosball Shenanigans are coming to the Iowa Great Lakes next week, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Foosball Shenanigans to be held in Iowa Great Lakes March 20-22 

An official tournament of the United State Table Soccer Organization, Foosball Shenanigans will be held March 20-22 at Arrowwood Resort in Okoboji.

Organizer Bob Shaw says the sport is an option for students who may not be involved in athletics or music.  "My wife and I were visiting with Neil Slater and his wife one evening, and we were telling them about this crazy idea, and he says, I'll buy at table for Spirit Lake, Okoboji, and Harris-Lake Park if you can get the school administrators interested.  So, from there I went to David Smith, and he got all excited, I was blown away, then I went down to Okoboji and Harris-Lake Park.  All three administrations were excited about this because, this is something that can get what they call the shoulder students involved, where a person that's not an athlete, if they're not involved in athletics or music, this is something they can get into and there's a lot of interest."

Bob's son, Justin Shaw, plays professionally and says, the tournament will draw players from across the country.  "We want the kids to come play, they get to play for free.  It'll be starting March 20th at noon and it'll play until midnight and all of next Saturday and Sunday.  We'll get players from Dallas, we'll get them from Minneapolis, we'll get them from Kansas City."

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