Flooding Threatens To Shut Down Some Municipal Water Wells

Fri 6-22-2018

(Spencer) (AP)-- Days of heavy rain is causing wastewater runoff from some cities and livestock facilities in northwest and north-central Iowa and threatens to shut down some municipal water wells. 

Ken Hessenius is supervisor of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources' Spencer field office. He says so far, cities have been able to meet demand for safe drinking water. But he says flooding is causing many cities to prepare to shut down some of their wells if needed. The city of Sheldon has taken four drinking water wells offline, but the city is still able to supply residents with water from unaffected wells. 

The DNR is also receiving reports that cities can't keep up with the inflow of water into wastewater treatment plants, so the cities are discharging untreated or partially treated wastewater.

(From the Associated Press.)