Flooding Takes Significant Toll On Roads; Gravel Roads Especially Hard Hit

Fri 3-15-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- Flooding has taken a significant impact on roads all across the region. Dickinson County Engineer Dan Eckert tells KUOO news gravel roads have been especially hit hard...Flood Update03 

"The gravel roads are the biggest problem at this time still. I think with the exception of three or four miles of paved roads that I can think of now, most of the water is down off of the paved roads but where water was over the gravel roads of course it washed significantly. I think the worse one I saw was probably about a four to six foot gully where the guys thought it would take up to 20 loads of rock to try to put the gravel road back together. So we're trying to deal with that first, where water washed over the gravel roads and then turn our attention to the rutting that's so bad out there from the roads being soft."

Eckert says portions of some blacktops were also still closed as of earlier today (Fri.) due to water. A new one was added to the list this morning. Dickinson County Road N-16 north of Superior was closed beween 120th Street and 140th Street.

Eckert says the colder overnight temperatures also had road crews battling ice on some of the roads this morning...Flood Update04 

"With the colder temperature we have quarter mile stretches of ice that we're actually doing spring time work, winter time work and gravel road work all at one day here. I don't think I've ever seen that in the 30 days I've been here, so."

Eckert is still requesting everyone stay off gravel roads as much as possible. He says the favorable forecast through most of next week should allow crews to get most of them back into shape, but it's going to take some time.