Flooding Continues To Impact A Number Of Roads In Rural Dickinson County

Mon 6-25-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Flooding was still impacting a number of roads in rural Dickinson county as of late Monday afternoon. The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office and Emergency Management say most of them are in the western part of the county.

The following roads were still being affected:

  • 190th Avenue in Diamond Lake Township between 110th Street and 120th Street
  • 170th Avenue in Diamond Lake Township between 140th Street and Highway 9
  • 170th Avenue in Lakeville Township between Highway 9 and 170th Street (2-mile stretch)
  • 180th Street in Lakeville Township between 170th Avenue and 190th Avenue
  • 190th Avenue in Okoboji Township between 220th Street and 240th Street at the Horseshoe Bend Bridge

Authorities remind everyone not to drive through any areas underwater or not to drive around any barricades.