Flood Clean Up Under Way In Areas Hard Hit By Heavy Thunderstorms; Hartley Especially Hard Hit

Thu 6-14-2018

(Hartley)-- Residents in several northwest Iowa counties are cleaning up following this morning's thunderstorms that dumped large amounts of rain in a relatively short time. Especially hard hit was Hartley, where up to nearly 7 inches of rain fell in some cases. O'Brien County Emergency Management Coordinator Jared Johnson tells KUOO news basement flooding in Hartley was widespread...Hartley Flooding01 

"Most individuals had property damage in their basements, possibly with some utilities, along with, I'm not quite sure yet if there's interior wall damage. Several homes also had sewage that was in the basement as well, so that is another hazard."

Johnson says he met earlier this afternoon with city officials in Hartley regarding the clean-up efforts...Hartley Flooding02 

"The city of Hartley is going to allow people that have damaged products, carpet, flooring, things that they need to take out of their home to start cleaning, they're allowed to put that stuff on the side of the curb on the street. What the city will do is probably next week, they'll come around and pick up those damaged items...carpet, things like that. The other thing that we have done is we have reached out to the American Red Cross. Later this evening the American Red Cross is going to be delivering some cleaning kits to the city hall in Hartley and the plan will be people, probably tomorrow, as soon as city hall opens, people can come and grab a cleaning kit if they need one for their home to start working on. The city of Hartley has done disaster declaration, a local disaster declaration, and we have also contacted Iowa Homeland Security to activate the Iowa Individual Assistance Program. That still has to go through the Governor's Office, so what people can do next is to see if there's additional assistance they can get to help with the cleaning process or if anybody needs to be out of their home for a few days for cleaning."

Johnson says they hope to have additional details on that tomorrow (Fri.).

Upper photos and the lower left depict residential flooding in Hartley; the lower right photo is of flooding on Highway 18 near Hartley. Photos courtesy Jared Johnson, O'Brien County Emergency Management Coordinator