Fireworks Will Still Be Held Saturday Nights Even Though There Are No Concerts For Now At Preservation Plaza

Fri 6-5-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- Even though there may not be any concerts going on right now on Saturday nights at Preservation Plaza, it won't stop the fireworks displays that typically follows them. Jeff Vierkant, CEO of Arnolds Park Amusement Park, says the fireworks will still be held every Saturday night at 10:00 pm beginning tomorrow (Sat.) night...Vierkant & Fireworks01 

"I mean fireworks is a great Okoboji tradition and they normally follow our concerts every Saturday night down on Preservation Plaza. Unfortunately we're not able to proceed with the concerts but we're delighted that we're able to proceed with the fireworks."

The Saturday night displays will be accompanied by a montage of patriotic music you'll be able to hear on KUOO...Vierkant & Fireworks02 

"Absolutely. We're very thankful for the support of KUOO and being able to provide music behind the fireworks. Just another extra lift for the people."

Vierkant encourages everyone to watch the fireworks but at the same time to practice social distancing...Vierkant & Fireworks03 

"We ask people that get out and enjoy the fireworks whether that be from your boat, from your back yard, from another spot in town or if you come and want to spread out on Preservation Plaza. We just ask that you keep social distancing in mind and take all precautions to protect yourself and others."

As far as the Preservation Plaza concerts are concerned, Vierkant says they are still hoping to be able to resume them in July but he says a decision hasn't been made yet.