Fireworks Accident Injures Sheldon Man; Results In Citation

Tue 8-28-2018

(Sheldon)-- A Sheldon man was injured Sunday when a piece of fireworks exploded in his face.

The O'Brien County Sheriff's Office says a Sheldon police officer was called a little before 3:30 pm to a location on a level “B” road just off Highway 60 near Sheldon. Upon arriving the officer found 27-year-old Shaun Arispe of Sioux City. Arispe told the officer he had been setting off some fireworks when one exploded in his face, injuring him. An ambulance was called to the scene and Arispe was transported to the Sheldon hospital.

A sheriff's deputy met with Arispe at the hospital, where he was issued a summons to appear on a charge of lighting a large consumer fireworks outside the legal dates to use fireworks.

The deputy states in the summons that Arispe sustained temporary blindness along with injuries to his face.