Federal Prosecutors Dropping Effort To Seize Money From Bank Account Of Owner Of A Former Lakes Area Restaurant

Mon 12-15-2014 []

(Cedar Rapids)-- Federal prosecutors are dropping an effort to seize nearly $33,000 from a former local restaurant owner's bank account.

The IRS became suspicious of Carol Hinders because of what they say was a pattern of cash deposits of less than $10,000.

Hinders says the cash came from a Mexican restaurant she operated at the time, Mrs. Lady's in Arnolds Park, which didn't accept credit cards.

Hinders wasn't accused of a crime, but federal law makes it illegal to deposit less than $10,000 if it is part of an attempt to circumvent federal reporting requirements.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Cole said in a motion filed Saturday the case should be dropped to conserve judicial resources.

Cole says evidence showed that Hinders had skirted bank reporting rules, but he decided the case wasn't worth pursuing now.

The restaurant has since closed.