Farmers Taking Extra Precautions To Protect Livestock In The Extreme Cold

Fri 2-12-2021

(Ames, IA) -- An Iowa State University Extension Beef Specialist says these sub-zero temperatures can be especially difficult for animals.

Beth Doran says one simple step you can take is to be sure there's a windbreak of some sort to keep the temperature drop felt by the animals from getting worse.

Doran says cattle have a normal comfort zone of 32 to 75 degrees -- but can take colder temperatures as long as their hair is dry and fluffy.

Doran says you should provide adequate bedding so they are not on the bare ground -- and they an unfrozen water source to drink. She says the water drives how much the cattle will eat. She says producers may want to increase the amount of feed given to their cattle herds, during these extremely cold days, as they will use more feed to generate energy to stay warm.