Farmers Reminded To Be On Lookout For Power Poles And Wires

Tue 5-6-2014

(Jackson, Mn.)-- Rural Electric Cooperatives are reminding farmers to be on the lookout for power poles and lines while planting and doing field work.

Joe Marthaler, Operations Manager for Jackson, Minnesota based Federated Rural Electric Association says their linemen have responded to two farming accidents so far this spring. He says both happened near Dunnell--one resulted in a pole being snapped in half when it was struck by a planter; the other incident involved a guy wire on a pole that was snagged. No outages were reported as a result of the incidents.

Marthaler says the price for replacing one pole and labor for two linemen starts at $400 per pole. He says farmers causing damage will be billed for the repair costs.

Officials say if a power line is clipped with farm equipment and the pole or power lines fall on the tractor or vehicle, to stay inside the vehicle and call 911 or the power company that owns the pole or lines. They say you are safe as long as the vehicle doesn't catch fire. Stepping in or out of the tractor/vehicle with energized, downed power lines could result in electrocution.