Fareway Announces Plans To Purchase Northwest Bank Facility

Thu 6-4-2015 IA"], ["1109 18th Street Spirit Lake

Fareway Stores, Incorporated announced today (Thurs.) they've entered into a purchase agreement to acquire the current Northwest Bank facility at 1109 18th Street in Spirit Lake. Patrick Hagan, Sr. Vice President/Treasurer for Fareway Stores, Incorporated, says their immediate plans are to potentially lease the bank facility as it considers expansion in long term planning.

Northwest Bank will be moving to a new building currently being constructed at 1008 18th Street, across the highway from the present facility. The new building will also house offices of Northwest Wealth Management.

The deal is scheduled to close late in the year, to coincide with the completion of the new Northwest Bank facility.

Fareway and Northwest Bank have been neighbors in Spirit Lake for some 30 years.


Northwest Bank's construction across the street at 1008 18th Street in Spirit Lake, IA


Fareway's acquired building at 109 18th Street in Spirit Lake