Extremely High Water Levels On Iowa Great Lakes Likely To Continue For Some Time

Tue 7-3-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Extremely high water levels on the Iowa Great Lakes will likely continue for some time to come. And officials say that's the case even if no more rain was to fall on the region over the next several weeks. Mike Hawkins of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says based on modeling from the US Geological Survey and Army Corps of Engineers, it's going to take that long for the excess water to make its way through the system...High Water Duration 

"Well the water levels right now have leveled off from the rains that we've had over the last couple of weeks. It does take the lake quite a bit longer to come down once the levels reach this point. We just have more water in the system, a greater volume, and so there is an increased number of days that it takes to get back to normal and every rain event that we get from here on out of course is hampering that so it's going to be a slow response as the lakes go down. All the structures in the system are working at peak efficiency. We don't see any constrictions anywhere, so we have to let those structures do their work."

Hawkins says the situation right now on the Iowa Great Lakes would be much worse had it not been for the additional infrastructure put in as a result of the historic flooding in 1993.