Extreme Cold Has Authorities Warning Of Dangers Of Space Heaters

Tue 1-19-2016 []

(Arnolds Park)-- Space heaters tend to be the leading cause of house fires this time of year, as people look for alternative ways to stay warm during extremely cold weather. Arnolds Park-Okoboji Fire Chief Chris Yungbluth tells KUOO news the most important to thing to remember about space heaters is that they require space...Spaceheater safety01 

The extreme cold in a few cases has even resulted in some people having to deal with frozen pipes. If that happens to you, Yungbluth says it’s a good idea to hire a professional to thaw them, as that can also be a cause of house fires...Spaceheater safety02    

Yungbluth says another big concern this time of year is carbon monoxide from poorly ventilated appliances that use an open flame...Spaceheater safety03 

Ice fishermen with enclosed shelters that have propane or other such heaters in them should be sure they’re properly ventilated.