Extreme Cold Causing Issues With Frozen Pipes

Mon 3-4-2019

(Milford)-- We're hearing more and more reports of frozen pipes as a result of the extreme cold. That has officials urging residents to take the necessary precautions. Eric Stoll of Milford Municipal Utilities says there's one thing in particular you should be doing, especially if your pipes have frozen in the past...Freezing pipes01 

"Well our word of advice would be to keep a close eye on your water temperature coming out of your faucet. Anything below 38 degrees you may be getting close to freezing. I would recommend letting a faucet in your house trickle through your faucet about the size of a pencil. Nothing more than that's really needed. With the cold temperatures wherever there's bare ground, a driveway, or a street and you're applying salt to that surface, that actually drives the frost down and we suspect that some of the frost is downwards as low as five, five and-a-half feet now."

Stoll offers this advice if you're among those suffering from a frozen pipe...Freezing pipes02 

"Definitely contact a professional. There is a couple of contractors in the area that have a hot water jetting device and they can put hot water into your line and get it thawed."

Stoll says freezing pipes will likely remain an issue for the next month or so.