Extensive Flooding Reported In Area Of Airport Drive In Milford; Area Is Cordoned Off

Thu 3-14-2019

(Milford)-- One area that's being especially hit hard by flooding locally is Airport Drive in Milford. Mayor Steve Anderson tells KUOO news a number of homes in that area are taking on water...Milford Flooding01 

"We've got water backed up. We've got a storm water pond that's not draining and we've got water from A-34 at the intersection back there on the west side of town which most people know where the tanks are, from that intersection all the way back kind of at an angle back to the grass runway is flooded. We've got water going into houses up in that area so we got a pump from the state last night through Dickinson County Emergency Management and we've been pumping water all night. We got the water to go down a little but we're still fighting that and we still have houses with water issues and so we're working on that, so."

Anderson is encouraging people to stay away from that area as much as possible. He says a stretch of County Road A-34 through that area is closed...Milford Flooding02 

"From H Avenue we've got road closed signs all the way out to the west side of town which would be out there by the tanks. We know there's people in between there that need to get out. We just don't need people traveling to the west. That's where the pump is set up right now to pull the water out of that area, so."

Anderson says they may be putting out a call for help with sandbagging in that area soon. He says they're working on trying to establish the logistics for that.