Expect To See Increased Presence Of Law Enforcement Over The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

Thu 5-25-2017

(Spencer)-- Expect to see an increased presence of law enforcement on the roads over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Vince Kurtz is a Public Resouce Officer with post 6 of the Iowa State Patrol in Spencer...Memorial Day Traffic01 

"The Iowa State Patrol will be increasing enforcement efforts throughout the holiday weekend, so please drive accordingly. We want to remember the sacrifices of our brave soldiers this weekend, not a preventable tragedy on the road."

In addition to drunk and impaired motorists, Kurtz says they'll also be on the lookout for those not buckled up...Memorial Day Traffic02 

"National statistics now show that 80 percent of passengers ejected from their vehicles in a crash are killed. Seatbelt use virtually eliminates this possibility. Please buckle up in every seat, every time."

Kurtz says they'll also be keeping an eye out for speeders...Memorial Day Traffic03 

"Speed continues to be a leading factor in Iowa fatality crashes. Over 50 percent of last year's fatalities involved speed. Excessive speed reduces reaction time and increases your stopping distance."

And finally, Kurtz says you need to put your phone down while driving...Memorial Day Traffic04 

"It goes without saying that distracted driving is a serious problem on our roads. The new distracted driving law will go into effect July 1, making texting and app use a primary offense in Iowa. Put your device down when when you're behind the wheel or appoint a designated texter in your vehicle."

Kurtz says the increased enforcement this holiday weekend is being made possible, in part, through the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau's Special Traffic Enforcement Program, or STEP.