Estherville Police Investigate Attempted Business Scams

Thu 1-7-2016 []

(Estherville)-- Estherville police say they're looking into several reports from businesses who reported being contacted in what appears to be a scam operation. Police say several businesses have reported being contacted by someone purporting to be with a utility company stating that their bill is overdue and their service will be cut off unless payment is made immediately. The caller then attempts to obtain credit card information.

Police say none of the businesses contacted so far have fallen victim to the scam. They say the incidents remain under investigation.

Authorities say anyone who gets such a phone call should hang up and report it to authorities. They say you should automatically be suspicious of anyone who attempts to get personal information, such as credit card or bank account information, from you either on line or on the phone.

They say the best advice is that if you do have any question about your utility bill is to contact the company directly.

Estherville police say they've also had reports lately of door-to-door salesmen attempting to give away products, and others that are selling insurance. Most area municipalities require vendors to obtain permits before doing any door-to-door sales. Police say if you're approached by a sales person that you should ask to see their permit before doing business with them.