Emmetsburg Police seeking owner of Meth Pipe

Tue 12-17-2019 Emmetsburg, Ia

(Emmetsburg)-The Emmetsburg Police Department is using social media and a bit of sarcasm to locate the owner of a pipe that was found on the floor of a local business. 

The Department has posted a photo of a meth pipe on its facebook page with a caption that reads, "The Emmetsburg Police Department was contacted by a local establishment that found this on the floor of the business.  It has been turned over to us as a lost item.  If you are missing your meth pipe, please feel free to stop in and claim your lost item.  We will want to confirm that it is yours so plan on answering a few questions if/when you stop in."

The post also notes that items like the pipe are extremely dangerous and potentially deadly, and urged anyone finding such an item to not touch it and contact local law enforcement immediately.