Election Filing Periods Now Open For BOTH Primary AND General Elections

Tue 3-3-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Filing periods for the upcoming primary and general elections opened simultaneously Monday. Jordan Moyer oversees elections in the Dickinson County Auditor's Office. She tells KUOO news that's a big change from in the past...Election filing periods01 

"This is the first time that we are having people file their paperwork for the general election at the same time as the primary. So for our primary election we have the filing period being from yesterday, Monday, March 2nd to Wednesday, March 25th, and those offices would be Auditor, Sheriff, and we also have the County Attorney which will be to fill a vacancy, and then we also have County Supervisor Districts 3 and 5. And then for the general election the filing period is Monday, March 2nd through Friday, March 20th. For the general election for the non-party offices we have the township trustees, county hospital trustees, soil and water and those are the three that you would need to file for between that March 2nd and March 20th date. And then we also have County Ag Extension that has no start date, but they do have to turn their paperwork in by Wednesday, August 26th and their different from the other county level offices because there's a code that specifically states the filing deadline is 69 days prior to the general election."

Moyer says those interested in running can pick up their paperwork at the Dickinson County Auditor's Office...Election filing periods02 

"And also that's another thing, too, is that you can also file paperwork for both the primary and the general at the same time just in case there is competition for any offices in the primary. If one of those were to lose, then they would also be able to file paperwork at the same time for the general election to be safe for that. If that were the case to happen, you, one of the things you'll have to do is that you need to make sure that if you do win in the primary, that you have to pull your paperwork by Monday, August 31st in order to be able to continue on to the general as a Republican or Democrat. And if you don't you will not be able to run as anything."

The Primary Election will be held Tuesday, June 2nd while the General Election is Tuesday, November 3rd.