Efforts To Bring Passenger Air Service To Spencer Continue

Wed 2-3-2021

(Spencer)-- Efforts to get a resumption of regular air passenger service at the Spencer Airport continue. Mayor Kevin Robinson updated the city council on the matter earlier this week, saying the efforts are pretty much back to square one...Spencer Air Service Update 

"The air service contract in Mason City and Fort Dodge that Air Choice One had, they did not get the renewal on, so Sky West, I believe, will take that over which is a jet service that will fly out of Fort Dodge and Mason City. So the desire continues to try to have some type of connectivity here, but the variables have changed pretty significantly in the last 12 months. So we'll continue to have conversations and see what the path forward is as it relates to that."

Robinson says the ongoing pandemic has also thrown a wrench into the efforts, but he says it remains a high priority of his.