Efforts By Organization To Acquire Land For Habitat, Recreation & Water Quality In Iowa Great Lakes Receive A Financial Boost

Wed 10-7-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Efforts by an organization to acquire some land for wildlife habitat, water quality and public recreation in Dickinson county are getting a financial boost. The Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation has announced it's contributing $750,000 to Ducks Unlimited to help protect some 160 acres of land.

D-U will use the gift to help fund a $1.2 million conservation project to acquire the land from the Irene Reed family, east of Arnolds Park. The land will be turned over to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for the establishment of a new wildlife management area.

Officials say the project will also help further improve water quality in the Iowa Great Lakes. The land consists of a mix of prairies and wetlands. Irene Reed and the Bendixen family owned the property for nearly 83 years and wanted to see it protected for wildlife and recreational use.

A news release says Ducks Unlimited will pay full market value for the land.

Photo: (L-R) Mike Shannon, DU regional biologist, Andrea Waitt Carlton, sons Wesley Carlton and 
Samuel Carlton Waitt, and Dominic Lawrence, DU director of development