Echo Plus transitions under Hope Haven

Mon 1-19-2015 []

Echo Plus transitions to Hope Haven (Spirit Lake)-Hope Haven acquired the regional outreach group Echo Plus in December of 2014. 

Public Relations Director Marlowe Van Ginkel says, the organization strives to help keep challenged individuals close to home.

"We are always interested in keeping people close to their families and their communities, and this is one reason why Hope Haven got involved in Echo Plus because want to see that program continue to grow, and with the involvement of Hope Haven, I think we can guarantee that the folks that are receiving services at Echo Plus will continue to interact and work and live in the community where they come from."

He notes that the group will take part in the Chili Cook-off as part of the University of Okoboji Winter Games on Friday

"Hope Haven has done a number of fundraisers throughout the last couple of years in the Lakes area like, for example, we have a huge golf tournament the 3rd Wednesday of June at Brooks Golf Course, and we do some other kind of fundraisers as well.  The Chili Cook-off we've been involved with for a number of years. 

This will include the folks at Echo Plus as well as our staff that are involved with the Lakes Area.  Not only the Cook-off, but doing some other fundraising things there throughout 2015."

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