Early Voting In Dickinson County Appears Headed To Record Level

Tue 11-1-2016 []

(Spirit Lake)-- Early voting in Dickinson county in advance of next Tuesday's General Election is on pace to a set a record. Boots Gross of the Dickinson County Auditor's Office tells KUOO news there are several reasons behind that...Early Voting04 

"It isn't always political. A lot of it is because it's convenient, it's easy. People like to vote absentee. The other thing is it depends on weather. We've had really nice weather. People have been turning out. In 08 I think it started increasing. In 12 we had almost 3,800. We're right now closing in on 4,200 people that have voted absentee. The county has a little over 12,000 registered voters. That figures out to be a third of the population that has voted in this county already."

And there's still plenty of time to vote absentee...Early Voting05 

"The last time that we can mail an absentee ballot will be 5:00 Friday, November 4th. You can vote in the office absentee until Monday, November 7th until 5:00 pm."

The Dickinson County Auditor's Office and most others throughout the state will be open this Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to accommodate early voters.