Drive-in Fundraiser October 11 for Spirit Lake High School J-Term Trip to Haiti

Thu 10-8-2020 2701 Hill Ave, Spirit Lake, IA

(Spirit Lake)-A fundraiser is on tap this Sunday for a student trip to Haiti, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Drive-in Fundraiser October 11 for Spirit Lake High School J-Term Trip to Haiti 

A drive-in lunch fundraiser will be held on Saturday to raise funds for a team of Spirit Lake High School students who will travel to Haiti for their J-Term project.

Organizer Kathy Norris says it will be held in the East Parking Lot at the school.  "We will be having a car-hop drive-in, and what we'll expect cars to do is come in that parking lot, use the entrance over by the softball field, and then we will be set up next to the school, so cars can just drive in.  They can either park or they can just drive through.  We'll have a couple of tents set up, and then the students will come out to the cars with masks, because we're being very careful with COVID, and they'll come out and take orders.  It's $10 per meal."

She adds that the group has other fundraisers coming up in the near future.  "We've got a facebook live auction that we're gonna do on Saturday the 17th, starting at 6 pm.  We've got a Family Fall Fun Festival that will be October 18th on Sunday from 3-6, and that will actually be in Spencer at an acreage, and we'll be having carnival games, tractor rides, pony cart rides, and then the last thing is November 7th, we're gonna have a walk for Haiti from 1-3."

Sunday's event will run from 11-1:30 at Spirit Lake High School.

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