Dr. Ben Carson, NJ Gov. Chris Christie Bring Campaigns To Iowa Great Lakes

Sun 1-17-2016 []

(Okoboji)-- Two Republican Presidential contenders made campaign stops over the weekend in the Iowa Great Lakes.    

Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson held a townhall meeting before a crowd of several hundred people Saturday evening at the Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center in Okoboji.

Among the issues he addressed was the Iran nuclear deal and how he says the U.S. is treating its allies in the Middle East...Carson01    

And when it comes to the fight against terrorism and specifically ISIS, Carson says it’s imperative the caliphate it’s created by destroyed, and that the group’s financial resources and oil supplies be cut off...Carson02    

Carson also addressed healthcare, tax reform, and downsizing the federal government.

Another Republican Presidential hopeful, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, made a last minute campaign stop Sunday in Milford, where he held a meet-and-greet event at Perkins.

Christie met briefly with reporters following the event. Among the issues he commented on was the prisoner swap between the U.S. and Iran...Christie01    

KUOO news also asked Governor Christie about his thoughts on his poll standings in the days leading up to the Iowa Caucuses...Christie02    

Following his stop in Milford Christie headed to LeMars for a townhall meeting Sunday afternoon.